BASE FOOD將推出「BASE鬆餅粉」(BASE Pancake Mix)

BASE FOOD will launch "BASE Pancake Mix" containing 33 essential nutrients on June 6, 2024, in its official online store.

BASE Pancake Mix is a pancake mix enriched with 33 essential nutrients, designed for families to enjoy making pancakes together. Whether you're a pancake enthusiast or a busy family raising children, you can enjoy delicious pancakes while ensuring nutritional balance.

The texture of BASE Pancake Mix is mild, without bitterness or off-flavors. It can be enjoyed on its own or used to create various desserts and dishes, suitable for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

In initial sensory evaluations conducted by external assessors, BASE Pancake Mix received the highest ratings among the BASE FOOD product range.

Three Key Features of BASE Pancake Mix

1.Provides 33 Essential Nutrients per Serving

BASE Pancake Mix contains 33 essential nutrients per serving, including 27.9 grams of protein and 10.5 grams of dietary fiber (after cooking), as well as 26 vitamins and minerals. Compared to regular pancake mixes, it has approximately 30% less sugar (after cooking).


2.Selected Ingredients for Delicious and Safe Enjoyment by Adults and Children

We are committed to using high-quality ingredients to ensure that pancake enthusiasts and families can enjoy delicious and safe pancakes. We incorporate over 10 carefully selected natural ingredients, including whole wheat flour, soybean, and rice bran. By adjusting the ratio of soybean or wheat, we achieve the fluffy texture characteristic of pancakes. Whole wheat flour prevents the batter from clumping, making it easy for children to prepare.

3.Versatile for Expanded Recipe Range

BASE Pancake Mix features a mild sweetness without bitterness or strong flavors, making it ideal for various adaptations. You can enjoy a variety of recipes ranging from desserts like donuts, cupcakes, and pancakes to delicious dishes.

Product Details

Product Name: BASE Pancake Mix


Provides 33 essential nutrients per serving

Rich in nutritional components such as whole wheat flour and soybean

Contains 27.9 grams of protein and 10.5 grams of dietary fiber (after cooking), as well as 26 vitamins and minerals

Approximately 30% less sugar (after cooking)

Aluminum-free design, does not contain aluminum or aluminum compounds

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, sugar (Hokkaido beet sugar), soybean powder, wheat protein, rice bran powder, fat powder, glucose, wheat starch, salt, milk calcium, seaweed powder, leavening agents, seasoning (organic acids, etc.), spices

Net Weight: 120g per bag

Price: HKD 32 per bag (10% discount for second subscription onwards, 20% for first subscription)

Shelf Life: At least 1.5 months from delivery

Release Date: June 6, 2024

Comparison of Nutrients in BASE Pancake Mix with Recommended Nutrient Intake per Meal

Estimated values. Comparison of nutrients in 1 bag of BASE Pancake Mix, 1 medium-sized egg, and 100ml of whole milk (unadjusted) with 1/3 of daily nutrient reference values.


About BASE FOOD, Inc.

Founded in 2016, BASE FOOD, Inc. is a food technology enterprise dedicated to "reshaping staple foods for accessible healthy and sustainable lifestyles." We have introduced a new staple food that is simple, delicious, and beneficial to the body. Our goal is to create a society where everyone can naturally maintain health while enjoying good food.

*1 Based on cooking with 1 bag of BASE Pancake Mix, 1 medium-sized egg, and 100ml of whole milk (unadjusted).

*2 Compared with the same amount of pancakes in the "Japanese Food Standard Composition Table - 2020 (8th revised edition)."