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The shelf life of BASE BREAD® is guaranteed for at least 21 days after delivery. By controlling moisture and oxygen and without the use of preservatives, BASE BREAD® can be stored for long periods at room temperature. The best before date is before opening. Once opened, the shelf life varies depending on the environment, so it is recommended to consume it on the same day.

BASE BREAD is produced and packaged in Japan, and then air-shipped to Hong Kong. We entrust the international transportation service provider ECMS (ecmsglobal.com) to transport it from Japan to Hong Kong, and then it is locally delivered by Pickupp (hk.pickupp.io) in Hong Kong. You can expect to receive it in about 8-14 days.

BASE BREAD所含的營養成分如下。以下是一袋BASE BREAD®的營養成分,每餐兩袋可提供完整的營養。



朱古力麵糊(日本製造),全麥麵粉,小麥蛋白,還原澱粉糖漿,大豆粉,糯米粉,發酵種,液體蛋,全黑麥粉,小麥胚芽粉,米糠粉,食用米糠油,奇亞籽,麵包酵母,米醋,海藻粉,食鹽,粉末油脂,昆布粉,甘蔗提取物,酵母/變性澱粉,調味料(有機酸等),酒精,乳化劑,多糖增稠劑,香料, pH調劑(部分含有小麥、雞蛋、牛奶成分、大豆和明膠)


全麥粉 (日本製造), 小麥蛋白,還原糖漿,大豆粉,糯米粉,發酵種,脂肪加工食品,全黑麥粉,小麥胚芽粉,米糠粉,奇亞籽,鮮奶油, 麵包酵母,米醋,蛋黃粉, 食用油,食鹽,奶油,海藻粉,雞蛋粉,粉末油脂,海帶粉,甘蔗提取物,酵母/酒精,乳化劑,調味料(無機鹽),酸化劑,(含有部分小麥、雞蛋、牛奶成分和大豆)


全麥粉 (日本製造), 小麥蛋白,還原糖漿,大豆粉,糯米粉,發酵種,液體蛋,全黑麥粉,小麥胚芽粉,米糠粉,奶油,奇亞籽,麵包酵母,米醋,海藻粉,食鹽,粉末油脂,海帶粉,甘蔗提取物,酵母/調味料(有機酸等),酒精,乳化劑,增稠劑(黃原膠),(含有部分小麥、雞蛋、牛奶成分和大豆)


楓糖風味麵糊(日本製造),全麥粉,小麥蛋白,還原糖漿,大豆粉(非轉基因),糯米粉,發酵種,液體蛋,全黑麥粉,食用米糠油,小麥胚芽,米糠,奇亞籽,麵包酵母,米醋,奶油,食鹽,小麥粉,海藻粉,粉末油脂,昆布粉,甘蔗提取物,酵母/酒精, 變性澱粉,調味料(無機鹽),食用色素(焦糖),多糖增稠劑,香料




咖哩(日本製造),雞蛋,全麥粉,大豆粉,小麥蛋白,食用植物油脂,還原糖漿,發酵種,糯米粉,米糠粉,牛奶蛋白,砂糖, 奇亞籽,米醋,食物纖維,白雲石,薑黃,食鹽,孜然,昆布粉,粉末油脂,酵母,甘蔗提取物/山梨糖醇,膨脹劑,酒精,調味料(無機鹽等),增稠劑(變性澱粉),酸化劑,醋酸(Na),pH調劑,食用色素(焦糖,紅蘿蔔素),香辛料提取物,乳化劑,香料 (部分含有小麥,雞蛋,牛奶成分,大豆,牛肉,豬肉,蘋果)



A subscription (regular purchase) is a system where an order is automatically placed every 4 weeks starting from the purchase date. Each time, there is also a 10% discount, without the need to place an additional order every month, and you can change the types and quantities of products. You can also skip or cancel.

※Please make changes before the order is confirmed every 4 weeks.

There may be a system error. Please contact contact_hk@basefood.co.jp and provide your order number.

We will promptly refund the shipping fee for you.

If you want to receive the items together: Please cancel the items in your shopping cart first, and then select the items again on the product page.

If you want to receive the items separately: Please select the items to purchase together on the product page.

If you wish to add new items to your subscription order, please cancel your subscription and purchase the new items along with those you wish to add.

My Page

A personal page is a dedicated page created for all subscription customers on My BASE FOOD, where you can perform various procedures related to your subscription.

What you can do on your personal page:

  • Manage the next delivery date for your subscription
  • Change the contents and quantities of your delivery
  • Change the delivery address
  • Change the payment method
  • Use coupons.

Product Information

"BASE FOOD" in Japan provides complete nutrition equivalent to one-third of the daily requirements in two bags per meal, making it a "perfectly nutritious staple food."

*Reference Value = The nutritional intake standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Using more than 10 carefully selected ingredients such as whole wheat flour, soybeans, and chia seeds, the unique formula and manufacturing method achieve a balance of nutrition and deliciousness. Each meal provides the necessary daily intake of 33 nutrients, including protein, dietary fiber, and 26 types of vitamins and minerals.

BASE FOOD's corporate philosophy is "Innovative staples make health a given." Launched in Japan in February 2017, sales have exceeded 100 million servings by March 2023, and the number of regular purchase members surpassed 163,000 in the same month. We hope this "perfectly nutritious staple food" bread (BASE BREAD) will offer Hong Kong consumers a high-quality, healthy, and nutritious new choice.

【BASEFOOD - BASEBREAD Nutritional Content】**Includes 26 types of vitamins and minerals such as sodium, zinc, potassium, calcium, chromium, selenium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, iodine, phosphorus, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin B₁, vitamin B₂, vitamin B₆, vitamin B₁₂, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and folic acid.

In the past, a perfectly nutritious food referred to a single type of food, such as eggs or brown rice, that contained relatively balanced nutrients. Nowadays, a perfectly nutritious food generally refers to a meal that contains all the necessary nutrients, and even more, based on dietary reference intakes established by public institutions. BASE FOOD® contains one-third of the daily required nutrients in one meal*.

The nutrients included are as follows:

*Estimated value *Based on the standard value for nutrient labeling (ages 18 and above, standard calorie intake of 2,200 calories), one-third of the daily standard value is set as 100. This standard is based on the "Nutrient Reference Values for Food Labeling" established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan according to the "Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese" (2015 edition), which stipulates the nutrients required for each age and gender group. Due to the possibility of excessive intake in other meals, fats, saturated fatty acids, n-6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, sodium, and calorie values have been reduced. * According to the nutrient reference values, one meal contains at least one-third of the daily reference values for all nutrients except fats, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, and sodium, as these nutrients may be excessively consumed in other meals.



If droplets form inside the packaging of BASE BREAD®, it does not constitute a quality issue and can be safely consumed.

Bread typically contains 35%-40% water. Therefore, the moisture in the bread will be released in the form of water vapor, which may condense into droplets due to changes in environmental temperature.

These droplets are originally part of the bread and are a natural phenomenon that does not affect the quality of the bread.

Long-term preservation tests have confirmed that the bread is safe from a hygiene perspective and does not harbor bacteria. We have also confirmed with the manufacturer that the desiccant inside the packaging will not be affected by the moisture produced by the bread.

The main ingredient of BASE BREAD® is whole wheat flour. Compared to refined flour, whole wheat flour is rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

The nutrients missing from whole wheat flour are supplemented by adding chia seeds and seaweed.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy it every day with peace of mind, so we do not use any additional additives such as synthetic preservatives or artificial colorants. The ingredient label and allergen information for BASE BREAD® are as follows.

BASE BREAD® does not contain synthetic preservatives, artificial colorants, or other unnecessary additives. We want everyone to be able to enjoy it every day with peace of mind.

To supplement the nutritional content, we have added some vitamins. These vitamins are common and widely used in nutritional supplements, making them safe for consumption.

BASE BREAD® can be stored at room temperature.

Please avoid direct sunlight and humid places, and store it in a cool place. If the indoor temperature is high and the humidity is significant during hot days, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator.

When defrosting BASE BREAD®, please remove the oxygen absorber from the bag and heat it in the microwave at 500W for about 1 minute.* This product has undergone long-term high-temperature storage tests by professional institutions and has been confirmed to be hygienically safe.

BASE BREAD® is recommended to be frozen rather than refrigerated, as refrigeration may cause a deterioration in taste.

Basic way to enjoy BASE BREAD®.

BASE BREAD® is delicious on its own, but it can be heated in the microwave or toaster to become softer and more flavorful. Microwave (500W) for about 20 seconds or toaster (about 1000W) for about 1 minute.

*When heating, please be sure to remove the oxygen absorber.
*The above heating times are reference values for one piece of bread. Please adjust the heating time according to the power of the microwave and the number of pieces of bread.
*The packaging can be heated in the microwave. Besides this, BASE BREAD® can be enjoyed with jam, as a sandwich, and in other ways according to your preference!

Each bag of BASE BREAD contains the following quantity of bread: Chocolate flavor: 1 piece, Maple flavor: 2 pieces, Cinnamon flavor: 2 pieces, Mini toasts: 2 pieces, Original flavor: 1 piece.

Please note, for all flavors, two bags constitute one meal (providing one-third of daily nutritional requirements).

About BASE Cookies

The expiration date of BASE Cookies is approximately one month or more from the date of purchase. They do not contain synthetic preservatives and are designed to be stored for an extended period at room temperature by controlling moisture and oxygen.

※ The expiration date refers to the product when unopened. Once opened, the storage time may vary depending on the environment, so it is recommended to consume them on the same day.

About BASE Pancake Mix

A month and a half.

Whole wheat flour, sugar (Hokkaido beet sugar), soybean powder, wheat protein, rice bran powder, fat powder, glucose, wheat starch, salt, calcium lactate, seaweed powder, leavening agent, seasoning (organic acids, etc.), flavoring.

[Nutritional Information for BASE Pancake Mix] Per serving, prepared **BASE Pancake Mix, 1 medium-sized egg, and 100 milliliters of nutritional components:

Calories: 544kcal
Fat: 14.5g
Protein: 27.9g
Omega-3 fatty acids: 0.8g
Omega-6 fatty acids: 3.3g
Carbohydrates: 80.8g
Sugar: 70.3g
Dietary fiber: 10.5g
Salt equivalent: 2.1g
Zinc: 3.1mg
Potassium: 963mg
Calcium: 240mg
Chromium: 5.0μg
Selenium: 22.5μg
Iron: 3.8mg
Copper: 0.5mg
Magnesium: 165mg
Licorice: 3.5mg
Molybdenum: 65.0μg
Iodine: 50.0μg
Phosphorus: 810mg
Niacin: 17.7mg
Pantothenic acid: 4.1mg
Biotin: 28.8μg
Vitamin A: 395μg
Vitamin B1: 0.9mg
Vitamin B2: 0.9mg
Vitamin B6: 1.0mg
Vitamin B12: 2.5μg
Vitamin C: 160mg
Vitamin D: 2.5μg
Vitamin E: 7.5mg
Vitamin K: 57.5μg
Folic acid: 223μg

Allergens (28 types): Wheat, milk, soy

※Produced in a facility that also processes shrimp.


BASE FOOD uses ingredients that have been confirmed for safety by major food manufacturers in Japan. According to the regulations of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, various criteria such as types and amounts of bacteria, permissible pesticides, and standards for residual pesticides are set for food used domestically in Japan. We conduct inspections on each ingredient supplier to ensure that our products meet these standards. You can enjoy our products with confidence.

BASE FOOD contains rich dietary fiber, which provides a sense of fullness and balanced protein and vitamins, making it suitable for dietary control during weight loss. In addition, the carbohydrate content of BASE BREAD has been reduced by 35%※1. Balanced nutrition is crucial for maintaining good health and fitness. Insufficient nutrient intake can lead to muscle loss and a decrease in basal metabolism. BASE FOOD products provide a balanced intake of essential nutrients while reducing carbohydrate intake, making them ideal as a staple food during weight loss. However, consuming too little food can lead to constipation. Pairing with vegetable soup or miso soup can help promote intestinal peristalsis. ※1 Referenced from the 2015 edition of the Japanese Standard Tables of Food Composition (Seventh Edition), compared to regular bread (same portion size).

BASE BREAD contains approximately 1-2% alcohol concentration, most of which is ethanol evaporated from quality-maintaining materials. Pastries that use ethanol also contain a similar amount, which poses no harm to pregnant women or infants. You can consume it with confidence. Additionally, when you open BASE BREAD, there may be a momentary smell of alcohol. This is because the gas is released from the bag upon opening, causing the alcohol in the food to evaporate. If you have concerns, you can place BASE BREAD in a 1000W toaster oven and toast it for about 3 minutes to further evaporate the alcohol.

BASE FOOD® contains gluten.

BASE FOOD® products are developed under the guidance of nutritionists, nutrition professors, and other experts.

Gluten allergies are very rare among Japanese people, and the effectiveness of gluten-free products is not recognized except for those with allergic reactions.

If there are no discomforts after consuming bread or noodles, it is safe to consume such products.

BASE BREAD contains egg and dairy ingredients and is not entirely vegan.

The ingredients in BASE BREAD are not genetically modified.

About orders and shipping

Regarding canceling/modifying orders: Once payment is completed, cancellations or modifications cannot be made. Please check your email with the subject "Order #xxxx confirmed" for further details.

Regarding BASE FOOD® subscription orders: You can cancel future orders through your My BASE FOOD page. Click "Manage Subscriptions" at the bottom of the "Account" page. Click on the photo of the item you want to cancel. Click "Cancel subscription" at the bottom of the page. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but processed and paid orders cannot be canceled. Once a subscription is canceled, no further orders will be created.

Please note that we cannot provide return or exchange services in the following cases: ・Requests for changes to received products ・Missed change requests for subscription orders or forgotten cancellation dates ・Forgetting to modify subscription order contents ・Address errors or being unavailable for an extended period

For individual purchases and the initial order of subscription purchases, payment will be processed immediately upon order completion. Subsequent payments for the second and subsequent subscription orders will be processed when the order is confirmed. The order confirmation date is four weeks after the initial subscription purchase payment. For example, if an order is placed on December 1st, the next payment will be on December 29th.

We accept returns and exchanges under the following conditions:

  • In case of abnormal product conditions
  • If the product is damaged during delivery accidents or mishaps
  • If the received product does not match the order

If any of the above situations occur, please contact us via email at contact_hk@basefood.co.jp within 3 days of receiving the product.

For abnormal or damaged products, please indicate the issue in the subject line. In the email, provide the following information:

  • Order number
  • Name/Email address/Phone number
  • Purchase location
  • Overall photo of the product
  • Photo of the back of the packaging
  • Detailed description of the product's condition
  • Presence of oxygen absorbers

To investigate potential health risks to customers, we may request the return of problematic products. Please retain the relevant items, and if deemed necessary, we will cover the shipping costs and assist with the return.

For cases of receiving incorrect products or insufficient quantities, please indicate the issue in the subject line. In the email, provide:

  • Order number
  • Names of received and ordered products
  • Received quantity and ordered quantity

Note that returns and exchanges will not be processed in the following cases:

  • Requesting changes to received products
  • Missed changes to the delivery date of subscription orders or forgetting to cancel them
  • Errors in address or being away for an extended period

Cancellation of orders is not possible once they are confirmed.

▼Order confirmation times are as follows

  • For individual purchases: Upon completion of the order
  • For subscription purchases: The day before each subsequent order, starting from the initial purchase date and every 4 weeks thereafter (notification emails will be sent).

Please make any changes to your order or cancellation procedures on My BASE FOOD before the order is confirmed.

Please note

※According to the terms of use, we cannot issue refunds if customers stop shipments, refuse packages, or if parcels are returned due to absence. Returned items will be disposed of, so please ensure acceptance of the goods.

※Even if you have not completed registration on My BASE FOOD, selecting the 20% discount for the initial purchase of a subscription trial will automatically establish a subscription order, which repeats every 4 weeks. Please check My BASE FOOD for details. You can cancel subscriptions on My BASE FOOD by setting the quantity of all items to "0" and saving the changes. Cancellation can be done at any time, but orders that have been paid for cannot be canceled. After cancellation, no further orders will be generated.

About nutrition

Kombu is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, and iodine.

Chia seeds contain essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which cannot be produced in the body and must be obtained from the diet.

The powder obtained by refining brown rice after removing the outer layer (including the bran and germ) is called rice bran. The germ portion contains components such as vitamin E, which have antioxidant effects, while the outer layer contains rich and beneficial dietary fiber for intestinal health.

Customer Service Center

If you have any questions that fall within our frequently asked categories, you can find relevant information in our Customer Service Center. We have published a lot of information about BASE FOOD. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, please feel free to contact us at contact_hk@basefood.co.jp.

If you encounter any abnormalities with our products, we will investigate and arrange for a refund or replacement of the defective item. Please contact us via email.

We apologize for the inconvenience. In order to conduct a detailed investigation, please provide the following information and contact us at contact_hk@basefood.co.jp:

Please provide the following information in the body of the email:
Order number
Name/Email address/Phone number
Purchase location
Overall photo of the product
Overall photo of the packaging (showing expiry date, manufacturer-specific markings, visible product name)
Detailed description of the product's condition
Whether there is an oxygen absorber present

To investigate any potential health risks to the customer, we may request you to return the problematic product. Please retain the relevant product. If we determine that a return is necessary, we will cover the shipping costs and assist you in returning the product.

Please note: Products purchased from non-official channels other than the official website, HKTVmall, and YAiCHi are not eligible for refunds.

If you receive an unordered item, here are the possible scenarios:

➀Automatically enrolled in a subscription:
When ordering from BASE FOOD, you can choose between "One-time Purchase" or "Subscription".If the item you received is part of a subscription (initial purchase with a 20% discount, followed by subsequent purchases with a 10% discount), a new order is automatically generated every 4 weeks based on the date of your last order.
※ The initial purchase with a 20% discount is also considered a subscription.Please log in to My BASE FOOD first. All changes or cancellations can be made on the My BASE FOOD page.If you've forgotten the password you set when you first placed the order, please reset it.

②Changes to the subscription not taking effect:
Changes to the subscription take effect on the day before the 4-week period after the order date. Changes made after this deadline will take effect in the next subscription cycle. Please note that orders cannot be canceled after they are confirmed.

If neither of the above scenarios applies, please contact us via email at contact_kh@basefood.co.jp. Please note that it may take up to 5 days to receive a response. We appreciate your understanding.

Entering only an email address at the payment screen does not create an account. You need to create an account using the email entered during purchase to manage your orders.

Please enter your email address and password on the login page to sign in. If you are unable to log in successfully, determine whether the error message indicates an incorrect email address or password.

➀The entered email address and password cannot be authenticated. Please check the input details.
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②Account not found. Please check the email address.
→ Email address is incorrect. Please search your email inbox for "BASE FOOD|BASE FOOD Membership Registration Successful" to find your account details.

→ Entering only an email address at the payment screen did not create an account.

Please use the email entered during purchase to create an account. If you still cannot log in, please contact us at contact_hk@basefood.co.jp and provide your email address and personal information (name, phone number, address) for identity verification.

※For customers who started a subscription via Shop Pay, the email address registered with Shop Pay will be used for login.

※You may not receive emails due to reception settings, please refer to the methods below.

What to do if you cannot receive emails?

※Password reset emails will be sent from info@basefood.co.jp. Please set your email address to receive emails from us.

※The password reset link is only valid in the latest email.

If you have sent multiple emails, please use the latest email to set your password. Additionally, it may take some time to receive the email, so please be patient.

Emails from BASE FOOD are categorized into two types: ① essential emails such as order confirmations and payments, and ② promotional and notification emails.

You must receive the emails of type ①, but you can opt out of the emails of type ② by clicking the link provided in the email.

To stop receiving emails from the received emails:

  1. Click the "Click here to unsubscribe from BASE FOOD emails" link in the email you wish to unsubscribe from.
  2. When a new browser page displays "Unsubscribed," you have successfully unsubscribed.

Contact for Interviews or Business Partnerships

If you wish to conduct an interview with or propose a business partnership with BASE FOOD Co., Ltd., please contact us via email at contact_hk@basefood.co.jp and include the following necessary information.

Interview Request:

  • Email Subject: Interview Request (Media Name)
  • Content: Media website, preferred date and time, interview purpose, and method (online, on-site, phone, written, etc.).

Business Partnership:

  • Email Subject: Partnership Proposal (Your Company Name)
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